We are in the business of "Dynamic Living". It is about improving quality of life and providing viable options for people with physical challenges. None of this is easy - cars are complex and every person has unique issues. But we like a challenge - seriously.

"PME will take on almost anything, from the simplest chair lift to a complex engineering project. We have converted everything from commercial Graders and Tractors to luxury sports cars, beach buggies, three-wheeler motorbikes and, of course, hundreds of passenger cars and vans."

Bill Georgas
Consultant engineer + owner of PME

We understand that this work is much more than customising machinery for someone with a physical handicap. It’s about changing that person’s life for the better. It requires an enormous amount of experience, a real interest in the individual’s actual needs and high levels of technical expertise.

Every challenge is unique

Physical limitations, from disability, take all forms, from paralysis and limb impairment to amputations and shortness of stature. There can be a huge range of movement, strength and control abilities, so it is impossible to take a Prêt à Porter approach ('ready to wear').

Engineering tailored solutions

contentworkshop1 220In the PME workshopThe basis of our success is our ability to understand our client’s needs, listening carefully to requests and paying great attention to particular needs and context. We then apply years of experience and technical expertise to create a solid, creative personalised solution. PME has a modern, fully equipped engineering workshop and our staff are highly qualified and committed to creating quality work. We provide and fit the very latest technology from around the world, and we design and build everything we can’t source from elsewhere.

The range of solutions that we offer is effectively unlimited, but it includes: Self-Drive: Drivers position and passenger position, wheel chair and car seat. Vehicle access: Car seat (transfer solutions), Wheel chair/mobility scooter Mobility aids: Wheel chairs, Mobility scooters etc Lifestyle aids: Home gyms etc.

Dynamic living

contentworkshop1 220Happy driver, ready and able.At the end of the day, our clients are going to have to live with our work, on a daily basis. It has to fit and it has to work. It needs to be as easy as possible and it needs to be safe and reliable. Ultimately, it needs to provide a pathway from disability to more “Dynamic living”.


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