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PME specialises in providing the very best, tailored Driving Controls. Years of experience and a real commitment to our clients, along with the very latest technology, makes us the natural choice for anyone wanting to get back on the road.

"PME will take on almost anything, from the simplest chair lift to a complex engineering project. We have converted everything from commercial Graders and Tractors to luxury sports cars, beach buggies, three-wheeler motorbikes and, of course, hundreds of passenger cars and vans."

Bill Georgas
Consultant engineer + owner of PME

Driving controls is an area we specialise in. It is the most complex area in vehicle modifications, and possibly the most rewarding.

The driver must be able to control the vehicle safely, comfortably and predictably whether they are using a simple Spinmaster Spinner Knob, or a full electronic Space Drive set up. We can even install voice control units for certain vehicle functions.

Driving functions

Driving control conversions are simply described by function, which is how we've organised them:

  • Steering
  • Accelerating and Braking
  • Indicators and Accessories
  • Clutch and Gearshift
  • Handbrake

Driving controls are getting better all the time thanks, mostly, to technological advances. Many vehicle functions can now be controlled, electronically, by small finger movements, involving very little strength. Having said that, a lot of our work still involves mechanical, or electro-mechanical modifications.

Hands, head and feet

Hand controls for various driving functions can be custom designed and fitted by PMEMost driving controls are designed to be used by hand, arms or fingers. PME however, also install controls operated by the feet or head, either to operate the primary functions or to work alongside the hand controls to make the whole driving experience easier and safer.

Once a solution has been designed, the controls are tailored to fit the individual's needs and capabilities. Some examples of many possible conversions:

  • Steering wheel aids: Including the world famous Spinmaster spinner knob, many mechanical products are designed to help people use a steering wheel.
  • Steering by wire: Electronic controls can be installed to handle the steering electronically with small and easy to use hand controls.
  • Steering by foot: Foot-steering controls have been developed by PME.
    Accelerating by hand: Push-pull or radial format mechanical linkages to control accelerating and /or braking.
  • Indicating by Head: The head is used to activate buttons to the left and right, allowing the driver to indicate easily.
  • Short stature: Pedal extensions, control relocation, steering aids etc to suit the particular needs of the individual.

Electronic driving controls

One component of the Space Drive suite of electronic driving controls, as supplied and fitted by PMEOne area of rapid advancement is Electronic controls, like the Space Drive suite from Paravan in Germany. Most driving functions can be controlled and the mode of control can be varied to suit the needs of the driver.

Examples of Space Drive solutions:

  • Steering: Controlled with a joystick or a mini steering wheel.
  • Gear-shifting: Controlled by a set of buttons, or a small lever.
  • Braking: Controlled with a small lever, which can also control acceleration.

Other electronic solutions include:

  • Accelerator ring: A ring is placed above or below the steering wheel.
  • Electronic clutch: A button on the gear stick engages the clutch.
  • Voice activated accessories: Windscreen wiper, electric windows, headlights etc can be activated by voice commands.

The beauty of these controls is not only in their ease of use, but also their flexibility. The controls can be configured and placed in a huge variety of ways to suit many physical requirements.

So many possibilities

Driving gloves can be tailor made to fit a wide range of limb configurationsOver the years we have developed and customised a wide range of driving control products. This site doesn't attempt to document everything we've engineered. It is designed to give you an idea of what's possible.

We are a engineering company, with enormous expertise in this field, so - many things are possible. Just give us a ring to find out how we might be able to help you get more mobile.


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