D.R.E.A.M. Facility

Driver Rehab Engineering, Assessment & Management Facility


If you’re familiar with the process required to obtain your drivers license you will know that there are a lot of ‘hoops’ to jump through. When you add a significant physical disability to the mix the somewhat construed process becomes a minefield of bureaucratic red tape. On-road assessments, perception and cognition testing, equipment scripting, funding bodies not to mention all the running around to make it all happen.

Well stress no further because the PME Driver Rehab Engineering Assessment and Management Facility is here to make life a whole lot easier for you. The D.R.E.A.M. Centre has been designed by a team of industry professionals for wheelchair users. Featuring private consultation rooms where you and our dedicated occupational therapist can determine the most suitable solution to maximise your ability. This is the only facility of its type in Australia.

Our co-ordinated approach to driving assessment will make the process a lot more integrated. Highly qualified industry leading professionals here on the day to complete all aspects of your assessment. You will meet with out dedicated Driver trained Occupational Therapists, Driving instructors, Engineers and Technicians.

We have a full spectrum of evaluation vehicles for you to trial on the day, setup to take on the more complex disabilities where an out-of-the-box solution is not available. If we do not have a configuration available to suit your ability our team of highly skilled technicians will tailor make a necessary solution to get you behind the wheel.

Our Office staff are well educated in dealing with various funding bodies to help get your request through as pain-free as possible, including NDIS, iCare, TAC LifetimeCare, Veteran Affairs, Job Access and many more.



Situated in the quiet and leafy suburb of Hornsby Heights in Northern Sydney, the Dream Facility has come about after 30 years of providing the public with custom driving solutions. The aim is to incorporate all of our knowledge, industry contacts and services into the one customer experience.

By establishing the D.R.E.A.M. Facility we are able to structure your experience around our vision of a fully inclusive Driver Rehabilitation Service.


 Some exclusive features of the D.R.E.A.M. Facility include -

Private consultation rooms -
Make yourself comfortable in the privacy of our dedicated consultation room where our team will work with you to develop a plan to get you safely behind the wheel.

Engineering Workshop -
Problem Management Engineering have established a fully equip workshop over the 30 years we have been operating. This allows us to rapidly adapt our evaluation vehicles to get the most out of your ability.

Dedicated Fit-Up-Bay -
A dedicated area in our Workshop has been designated exclusively for the use of equipment scripting, trialing and measurements.

Surrounding Area -
Located about 1 hour North of Sydney Airport in the quiet suburb of Hornsby Heights. We are in the perfect location for driving assessments, surrounded by suburbia with a variety of topographic features that replicate different driving conditions with enough challenges to build your confidence.


We have partnered with leading industry professionals to offer you one of the most skilled and knowledgeable vehicle modifying teams in the world.

Our integrated approach to driving assessment gives you the opportunity to meet with all those involved in getting you back on the road. No going back and forth between OT’s and vehicle modifiers, miscommunication, items missing from quotes searching for driving instructors with modified vehicles etc. With everyone here on the day we work together with you to get the result you want.


Occupational Therapist for scripting and assessment -

Expert Driver Trained Occupational therapists that focus on complex and significant disabilities are available on the day to help determine the most suitable driving controls for your ability.

Driving Instructors -
Driving Instructors that Specialise in teaching individuals that require significantly modified driving controls. All lessons are performed in fully equip dual control vehicles including fly-by-wire instructors console. Learn in confidence.

Engineers -
We pride ourselves on In-house design, whether it be 3D modeled and CNC machined or laser cut. Our Engineers work hand in hand with our technicians and OT’s to produce tailored solutions for each individual. All RMS VSCCS compliance is also performed in-house by our Engineers to ensure your vehicle is built and certified to the highest Industry standards.

Technicians -
Our Technicians have a combined experience of working in the disability sector of over 50 years, meaning they not only know their way around a vehicle but also understand disabilities.

SPACE DRIVE® Drive-by-wire Specialists -
We are a Paravan Accredited Service Partner meaning we specialise in Distribution, Assembly and Maintenance of SPACE DRIVE® FLY-BY-WIRE Systems. Furthermore our staff has trained in Germany to obtain these credentials.



Having the ability to perform a proof of concept in a modified vehicle with an occupational therapist, driving instructor and engineers present is the core principle of the D.R.E.A.M. Facility.

We have set up a number of vehicles to suit learners with variety of physical challenges. Whether you plan to drive from your wheelchair, drive using prosthetic attachments or even drive with your feet only, we have a vehicle here for you to trial.

We have the capability to rapidly adjust or adapt our training vehicles on the day to suit your disability. And if we cant find a happy medium our technicians are on call to modiry or fabricate a solution from scratch.

The D.R.E.A.M Facilities OT’s will provide a detailed report with photographic and video documentation of the assessment. We find this aids your application for funding immensely, particularly when applying for a tailored solution where no off the shelf products exist.

During your assessment you will be accompanied by one of our accomplished driving instructors that specialise in teaching individuals with physical challenges.

Working exclusively in the disability sector our instructors have the extra knowledge and understanding to help you reach your goals. All of our training vehicles are fitted with driving instructors dual controls so you can learn in confidence. Our SPACE DRIVE® Evaluator vehicle is Australia’s only FULL dual control Assessment vehicle with steering, braking and accelerator that can be commanded by the Instructor at any time. We also provide SPACE DRIVE® driving lessons in your own vehicle once its modified using our plug-and-play Driving Instructors console.



The Services we provide at the D.R.E.A.M Facility include - 

  • Fully functional driving evaluation for people with significant and complex physical challenges.
  • Occupational Therapist Reports for State Motoring Authorities and Funding Bodies
  • On-Road Driver training with modified vehicles and specialised instructors
  • Access to a variety of high level, state of the art modified vehicles for equipment trials
  • Proof of concept and equipment scripting
  • Vehicle modification for driving controls, access and wheelchair storage.
  • In-house design and Engineering Certification under the Vehicle Standards Compliance and Certification Scheme
  • Servicing, Repairs and Diagnostics for modified vehicles
  • Professional guidance and advice on Licensing, Vehicle Selection and obtaining funds.
  • Tailored and fully custom Driving solutions for a wide range of disabilities.
  • Partnered with Global Industry Leading professionals and Suppliers
  • Highly Skilled Technicians that understand Disability.
  • We have implemented an ISO:9001 Quality Management System to ensure our
    products and their installation is up to the high standards you would expect.


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