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    Bill Georgas

    Welcome to PME

    I'm Bill Georgas, consultant engineer and owner of PME.

    We've been getting people on the road for two decades, both as drivers and as passengers.

    Nothing is too hard; if there's a way to work around a physical challenge, we'll do our very best to find it.

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    It's not about what you can't do

    Paralysis, limb impairment, shortness of stature; we’ve engineered effective solutions for hundreds of clients.

    So far, there hasn't been a vehicle we couldn't customise; from passenger cars to road graders and three wheel motorcycles. We take on challenges that others won't.

    Here at PME, it’s all about what is possible.

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    hand controls

    The latest technology

    Not only do we have a truckload of experience, we’re also right across the latest technology and that just gets better and better.

    We are able to implement solutions, now, that were impossible only a few years ago.

    But technology alone won’t get you driving; you need sound advice and solid, customised design.

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    reduced arm movement driving

    Tailored solutions

    We are all about giving our clients the independence, flexibility and freedom that driving offers. Every person is different, however; every car and every situation presents unique challenges.

    Creating optimal solutions, the first time, requires experience, creativity and a sincere desire to get people on the road.
    At PME, it is, seriously, all about you.

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    Dynamic living

    While our work is very technical, our focus is quality of life. We are in the business of enabling people to enjoy more independence, more freedom and more fun.

    At a deeper level, this is about respect, about a person's sense of self-worth and simple, human joy.

    Our work is engineering but our business is "Dynamic Living."

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    PME is fully certified by all the relevant governing bodies. We match, or exceed, international engineering standards and we are known and trusted right across Australia.

    This hasn’t happened by accident; industry leaders for two decades, we’ve earned our reputation, one happy client at a time.

    So give us a call. I look forward to it. Bill Georgas

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Product Features

  • Easyspin RF360

    Easyspin RF360

    The BRAND NEW PME Easyspin RF360 is the most developed spinner knob accessory controller available
    Easyspin RF360 Read More
  • Space Drive II

    Space Drive II

    If you ever thought there's no way I can drive, get ready to change your mind
    alt Read More
  • Accelerator Ring

    Accelerator Ring

    Hand control of acceleration in a sporty format that is very natural for many drivers
    Over-ring Accelerator Ring in an Audi Read More
  • Stick Steer

    Stick Steer

    Keep your hand on the steering wheel as you activate turn signals, lights, wipers, and more with Stick Steer.
    alt Read More
  • Electronic Radial Hand Controls

    Electronic Radial Hand Controls

    The least fatiguing traditional hand controls for accelerator and brake operation
    An electronic radial hand control accelerator on a Toyota Prado Sahara Read More

What Bill Reckons

Thanks for visiting our website. We've packed in quite a bit (and there's more to come) but it's not meant to be exhaustive.

The idea is to introduce ourselves and the work that we do, giving you enough confidence to pick up the phone. So please have a look around, get to know us a little, then give us a call. We look forward to it.

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PME Solutions

The Paravan Self Drive Wheelchair is Brand New to Australia

Paravan Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair features greater flexibility and adaptability than any other wheelchair to date
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The new standard in Electric Wheelchairs

The Paravan Wheelchair features unique capabilities including huge motorised elevation and tilt ranges and other adjustments that make the Paravan wheelchair extremely versatile. Among other uses, it assists in reaching a high shelf, allows you to travel at standing head height at a concert or bar or to travel reasonably off road, can relieve pressure points and assists in standing/transfers.

This versatility makes the Paravan Wheelchair perfect for wheelchair self-drive. Our solutions can be fully tailored when using this wheelchair and so PME specifically recommends use of the  Paravan Electric wheelchair in these conversions.


  • Designed with self-drive operations in mind, the Paravan Wheelchair has its own integrated robust docking station for self-drive available.
  • It also features a crash tested vehicle seat with an integrated 3 point seat belt (optional 4 point available) and scope to accommodate pressure relieving cushions.
  • Seat elevation has a massive range from a Low of 340mm to a Max Height of 800mm measured from the ground to the base of the seat. Despite this huge range however, the mechanism has been robustly engineered by Paravan’s German design team, to minimise any rock or movement, even when at full elevation.
  • The Paravan Wheelchair features fore and aft seat movement on the seat base tracks of 200mm, providing fantastic versatility for driving, by making minor seat adjustments for comfort easy, and for a range of other activities such as tucking yourself in at the table so that you can comfortably reach.
  • The Paravan Wheelchair is incredibly flexible with almost any possible adjustment available and motorised. The backrest angle can be adjusted up to 20 degrees forwards and 90 degrees backwards. It is possible for the entire seat to undergo a weight-shifting rearward tilt of 50 degrees which can be used to provide pressure relief. It can also perform an anterior tilt up to 20 degrees which, in conjunction with powered footplates and elevation, has enabled clients with motor-neuron disabilities to enter chair without difficulty.
  • All powered adjustments are driven my Swiss made, powerful, efficient motors and are controlled with the highly popular New Zealand made Dynamic DX2 control system
  • The Paravan Wheelchair can reach a top speed of 6 km/h or 10 km/h depending on the model and has a range of 35km.
  • Use of the latest technology has enabled maximum safety and stability. This wheelchair has undergone extensive crash testing to ensure safe performance. It is TÜV-CERTIFIED and has received several prestigious prizes.
  • Seats may be adapted for the individual and come in a wide range of colours.


Many of these measurements can be customised and so please use them as a rough guide only 

Standard Seat width – 350-550 adjusted via armrest regulation

Standard seat backrest height – standard 650mm optional 450 or 550

Standard seat depth – 480 mm standard optional 380 or 430

A range of seating options are available

Folding armrests

Lower leg length allowance – 350-420mm

Knee angle – 87-170 degrees

Total width – 640mm

Total length without footplates – 930mm

Chassis ground clearance – 75mm

Turning circle – 1.15m

Range – 35km

Max user weight – 160kg

 View the Paravan Wheelchair Brochure

Straight off the shelf, most vehicles aren't appropriately set-up for people of short stature. Fortunately, PME has a whole suite of solutions to tailor-fit vehicles to make them easy and safe to drive. These include everything from access, seating and securing, to driving control and accessory function modifications.

All short stature conversions are custom tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients



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We have years of experience doing short stature conversions and we understand the differing requirements that each situation presents. We know that your challenges are individual and we treat them that way. Each individual will differ in height, mobility and range of motion, as well as in associated disabilities, length of torso, legs and arms etc, so each conversion is tailor made.

A short stature conversion can involve any of the following;

  • Foldaway pedal extensions

  • Removable pedal extension systems

  • Removable false floors

  • Modified seating

  • Steering modifications

  • Steering column modifications

  • Airbag disabling systems

  • Steering wheel modifications

  • Other driving controls and accessory functions.

We do what we need to, in order to give you the optimal driving experience.

Give PME a call on (02) 9482 2808 to discuss what we can do for you

Mechanical linkages to allow for hand control of the brake and accelerator

Disabled hand controls installed in an Audi for a paraplegic


High Quality, Professional Looking and Comfortable to Use

PME Hand Controls use mechanical linkages to allow for left or right handed control of the brake and accelerator. Our design offers a simple intuitive operation which incorporates the least fatiguing and most natural motion to apply the accelerator. They are comfortable and responsive to use.

At PME we achieve the best possible result with no, or minimal, modification to the vehicle’s interior to retain the factory look. Quality is assured; PME hand controls are certified to Australian Standard 3954.2 for your safety.

There are two standard types available with different methods of operation;

  • The Push-Pull system operates with a push for the brake and a pull towards the driver for acceleration.

  • The Radial system operates with a push for the brake and a pat (downward push) for acceleration.

Hand Controls will generally be installed with a spinner knob for steering and accessory controls on the hand controls or on the spinner so that blinkers, head lights and other functions can be operated without removing hands from the wheel or hand control.

And Now Available: PME Knee Intrusion Air-bag Compatible Hand Controls

Previously, vehicle modifiers have been unable to install hand controls into vehicles with a Knee Intrusion Airbag. This is because it is necessary for the hand controls to run below the dash, and right across the air-bag, making them a hazard should the air-bag deploy.

Electronic Accelerators such as the Accelerator Rings and Electronic Radial do not have this problem as the mechanical brake bar can be routed around the airbag. This is the preferred option as all safety systems are maintained.

However, for the case where electronic controls are not preferable, PME have developed an exclusive Hand Control system that is compatible with Knee Intrusion Air-bags and satisfies current RTA requirements.This system features a removable connecting rod that temporarily disables the Knee Intrusion Air-bag ONLY while installed. This rod is removed with 30 seconds when an able-bodied driver takes the wheel and the Knee Intrusion Air-bag is re-enabled.

As increasing numbers of vehicles are incorporating this safety feature, PME are continually working on new developments in this area. However,we still advise that customers avoid vehicles fitted with Knee Intrusion Airbags as unfortunately this system comes at an extra cost. Please discuss your intentions with us before purchasing a vehicle with these Air-bags.

PME Hand Control Options and Features

  • The device can be fitted with orthopaedic grips for higher level quadriplegia or PME also offers Custom Hand Controls if a unique solution is required.
  • Hand Control modifications can optionally include flip-up pedals to improve the users safety. Flip-up pedals avoid the risk of the pedals being accidentally depressed when the vehicle is in use by the disabled driver.
  • Indicators are generally located on the Hand Control unit to reduce the movement and so the risk involved in indicating. The indicators are self-cancelling so that they turn off after a manoeuvre has been made. Windscreen wiper, horn and high beam functions are also available from the Hand Control unit.
  • Designed for natural, low fatigue operation

  • Designed to meet Australian Standards for your safety
  • Minimal modification to vehicle interior

  • Can be installed for right or left handed operation

  • Radial or Push-Pull systems available

  • Knee Intrusion Air-Bag Compatible Hand Controls Available

The world renowned PME Spinmaster spinner knob

PME Spinmaster

Exported around the world, the PME Spinmaster is a class leading spinner knob.
Easyspin indicator and secondary function remote spinner knob


Fingertip control of secondary driving functions such as indicators, horn and high beam

Exceeded Expectations

I have had two performance cars modified by PME (VW Golf R32 and recently a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X). Both jobs were performed perfectly and exactly as per my specifications... Read More

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I found your web site an invaluable source of information and the trip to Sydney was definitely worth the e... Read More

Not a problem

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Help and Support

I would like to thank Bill at PME and all their employees for all their help and support in the modification of my vehicle. PME were very efficient, helpful and supportive through out the process... Read More

BMW quality

I was originally referred to Problem Management Engineering (PME) by a couple of Melbourne businesses, which specialise in converting vehicles for disabled drivers. These Melbourne businesses were ... Read More

Promise fulfilled

My Jeep was the first vehicle in New Zealand installed with mini wheel technology. Only one of the people I had talked to had ever seen one in use before. On December 14 I passed my full license te... Read More

Happy Grandpa

My Wife's Father's Multivan is about to have it's first birthday and I thought it timely to say thanks, once again for the great job you and your staff did with the conversion. Since overcoming the... Read More

Pain Free

When I became aware of the Self-Drive van conversions that PME were carrying out, I contacted Bill Georgas and instantly saw that this would be a solution for me.

I can now say that after hav... Read More

A Revelation

It's a revelation to find someone so competent after all these years, but even more of a revelation to find someone who cares.

PME went beyond the call of duty fixing both of our cars to suit... Read More

A pleasure to drive

Bill and his crew at PME just did the most excellent job, fitting a hoist and hand-controls for our Kia Sportage.

Their attention to detail was amazing, they really listened to us and develop... Read More

Amazing service

Bill and the team at PME were simply amazing. Nothing was too much trouble for them, they modified our Pajero beautifully and even dropped us off and picked us up from the local shopping centre.Read More


PME has made it possible for me to continue to have adventure in my life. They dealt with me professionally and courteously and their work is faultless.

Hand controls are another world, requi... Read More

Incredible value

To reinforce my appreciation for everything you have done for me. I am so appreciative of you getting me back on the road asap.

I appreciated much more how much time it takes to design, probl... Read More

Great service

Very impressed. We had extremely good service. Picked up our car one day and had it back the following day. Once again many thanks.


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A grateful OT

A BIG THANKYOU :) for your generosity in completing the alterations to the Shoalhaven modified car. I am very happy and excited to now be able to improve the options to Shoalhaven residents needing... Read More

10 years of daily use

Thank you for designing and making the Easyspin... It has truly made my life easier and made me more independent... You truly make a robust unit as I never expected it to still be going strong afte... Read More

Loving the freedom

Kye is really enjoying the freedom of his car. Thanks for all your help. Thanks to all your workers too :)

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Thanks for your help, understanding and compassion. The look on my wife's face whenever we go driving is worth every penny spent. Keep up the good work, the disabled community needs more people lik... Read More

Driving pain free

My name is John Mullins and I became an incomplete quadriplegic in 1975. After rehab I was fullly employed for more than 27 years and during this time I drove my self to and from work every day in ... Read More

Confidence booster

The humble Spinmaster from PME has made my life so much better. Much better than I ever realised, until I lost the use of it for a couple of weeks.

The Spinmaster simply makes it possible for... Read More


Exclusive Distributors in Australia & NZ for:

Exclusive Australian Distributors for Paravan and Fadiel

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NDIS registered service provider

No. 4050000513

PME Auto Conversions is located in Hornsby Heights NSW and specialises in customised vehicle modifications for people with disability. Our expertise includes driving controls from hand controls and left foot accelerators up to high-end electronic mobility controls, as well as wheelchair access and transfer, for cars and vans, and more. We engineer modifications to cater for any form of physical handicap. Ultimately, PME provides options for people who are disabled, in any way, to enjoy 'Dynamic Living'.
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