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    Bill Georgas

    Welcome to PME

    I'm Bill Georgas, consultant engineer and owner of PME.

    We've been getting people on the road for two decades, both as drivers and as passengers.

    Nothing is too hard; if there's a way to work around a physical challenge, we'll do our level best to find it.


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    It's not about what you can't do

    Paralysis, limb impairment, shortness of stature; we’ve engineered effective solutions for hundreds of clients.

    So far, there hasn't been a vehicle we couldn't customise; from passenger cars to road graders and three wheel motorcycles. We take on challenges that others won't.

    Here at PME, it’s all about what is possible.

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    hand controls

    The latest technology

    Not only do we have a truckload of experience, we’re also right across the latest technology and that just gets better and better.

    We are able to implement solutions, now, that were impossible only a few years ago.

    But technology alone won’t get you driving; you need sound advice and solid, customised design.

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    reduced arm movement driving

    Tailored solutions

    We are all about giving our clients the independence, flexibility and freedom that driving offers. Every person is different, however; every car and every situation presents unique challenges.

    Creating optimal solutions, the first time, requires experience, creativity and a sincere desire to get people on the road.
    At PME, it is, seriously, all about you.

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    Dynamic living

    While our work is very technical, our focus is quality of life. We are in the business of enabling people to enjoy more independence, more freedom and more fun.

    At a deeper level, this is about respect, about a person's sense of self-worth and simple, human joy.

    Our work is engineering but our business is "Dynamic Living."

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    PME is fully certified by all the relevant governing bodies. We match, or exceed, international engineering standards and we are known and trusted right across Australia.

    This hasn’t happened by accident; industry leaders for two decades, we’ve earned our reputation, one happy client at a time.

    So give us a call. I look forward to it. Bill Georgas

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Site Features

  • Transfer System

    Transfer System

    Easy in and easy out - the Guidosimplex Transfer System takes the challenge out of transferring.
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  • Space Drive II

    Space Drive II

    Space Drive II is a new operating system for vehicles based on the drive-by-wire principle.
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  • Ghost Ring

    Ghost Ring

    The Ghost Ring is an innovative and revolutionary accelerating system
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  • Easyspin RF360

    Easyspin RF360

    The BRAND NEW PME Easyspin RF360 is the most developed spinner knob accessory controller available
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  • Mono-Spin


    The PME Mono-Spin is a quality alternative to a traditional spinner knob.
    The innovative new PME Mono-Spin spinner Read More

What Bill Reckons

Thanks for visiting our website. We've packed in quite a bit (and there's more to come) but it's not meant to be exhaustive.

The idea is to introduce ourselves and the work that we do, giving you enough confidence to pick up the phone. So please have a look around, get to know us a little, then give us a call. We look forward to it.

PME Solutions

A Disability Friendly Spyder Motorcycle

Can-Am Spyder Kit

Get on your steel pony; motorcycle riding is finally within reach for many people with disabilities
The Paravan Self Drive Wheelchair is Brand New to Australia

Paravan Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair features greater flexibility and adaptability than any other wheelchair to date
All short stature conversions are custom tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients

Short Stature Solutions

We are experts at vehicle modifications to suit people of short stature
Disabled hand controls installed in an Audi for a paraplegic

PME Hand Controls

The least fatiguing traditional hand controls for accelerator and brake operation
The world renowned PME Spinmaster spinner knob

PME Spinmaster

Exported around the world, the PME Spinmaster is a class leading spinner knob.
Easyspin indicator and secondary function remote spinner knob


Fingertip control of secondary driving functions such as indicators, horn and high beam

Exceeded Expectations

I have had two performance cars modified by PME (VW Golf R32 and recently a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X). Both jobs were perform... Read More

Short Stature Solutions

Thank you very much Bill and everyone else at PME who worked on my Honda Jazz.

I found your web site an invaluable source of information and... Read More

Not a problem

I recently purchased a Chrysler Grand Voyager which was modified by the staff at PME to suit my needs as a C-5 quadriplegic. It involved the guys a... Read More

Help and Support

I would like to thank Bill at PME and all their employees for all their help and support in the modification of my vehicle. PME were very efficien... Read More

BMW quality

I was originally referred to Problem Management Engineering (PME) by a couple of Melbourne businesses, which specialise in converting vehicles for ... Read More


Exclusive Distributors in Australia & NZ for:

Exclusive Australian Distributors for Paravan and Fadiel

Exclusive Australian Distributors for GuidoSimplex and TecnoDrive
PME Auto Conversions is located in Hornsby Heights NSW and specialises in customised vehicle modifications for people with disability. Our expertise includes driving controls from hand controls and left foot accelerators up to high-end electronic mobility controls, as well as wheelchair access and transfer, for cars and vans, and more. We engineer modifications to cater for any form of physical handicap. Ultimately, PME provides options for people who are disabled, in any way, to enjoy 'Dynamic Living'.